Weddings & Special Events

We love flowers for all that they are, the magic and memories they can hold, joy the create and their natural beauty and are so very excited to now be offering wedding and special event services so that we can pour our love of flowers into your big days and big celebrations. We can provide seasonal flowers for your weddings and special events that are all grown by us using natural and sustainable farming practices and designed making as many environmentally friendly floristry supply choices as possible. Please contact us for more information or to talk to us about your vision and receive a quote.

Online Flower Shop

We are all feeling just a little bit more than a bit excited here today as we have (FINALLY) opened an online shop for our flowers! It's been a year in the making but with Baby J sleeping a bit better these days Mummy has had more energy to be able to work on some of the behind the scenes stuff that goes on around here. We think we could sit here and watch our photos on the cover page roll over and over for hours. Hoping others love it as much as we do.

About Our Flowers


We are farmer-florists growing in and servicing the Rockhampton and Gracemere area. Our arrangements are made by us, using flowers and foliage we have grown (and sometimes gathered) on our farm and then delivered to our local area. They spend minutes (not days) in transit and are picked one day and with their recipient the next, travelling on average 20km from our farm to their destination. 


Our flowers are grown using sustainable farming practices and arranged and packaged using sustainable floristry supplies. We are committed to making as many choices as we can with our flowers, farming and life that reduce our impact on the environment. To help us (and you) keep our environmental footprint as small as we can we use paper to package our market bouquets and our arrangements come in reusable and sometimes re-purposed jars, vases and vessels (without the use of floral foam). We integrate mixed species of animals into our farming practices to assist us in preparing land for planting and manufacture our own compost and fertiliser. 


Our arrangements are garden inspired, natural, old fashioned arrangements incorporating a range of flowers and foliage that we grow using natural practices. We aim to grow and create flower arrangements that are just a little bit wild, eclectic and whimsical and maybe evoke a sense of nostalgia. We care deeply about our health, the health of our soil (and all the little microbes within it), our plants and farm ecosystem so farm our flowers using a range of organic practices.


For many reasons our flowers and the style of our flower arrangements are a little bit different and we hope that they speak for themselves in this regard. We are working with nature whilst cultivating beauty and for this reason no two of our arrangements will ever be exactly the same. 


Mummy is a 6th generation Australian farmer, Miss J, Miss M and Baby J are 7th generation Australian farmers. In supporting us through appreciating and buying our flowers you are supporting a local farming family in growing not only our flowers but ourselves. We greatly appreciate all those who believe in and support all the hard work and utter determination it takes us to grow beautiful and bountiful blooms and bring them to others. 

About Us

We are Mummy, Daddy, Miss J (who is 6 years old), Miss M (who is 5 years old) and Baby J who we lovingly welcomed into our little family early in 2018.We live on our little 200 acre farm in our house on our little hill in Central Queensland not too far from Rockhampton. We have chickens, geese, cows, pigs, goats, sheep, ducks and horses, a fairly run down orchard (that won't always be so run down), an expanding flower farm, a little market garden and some big dreams.